Beautiful Smile



Brighten your smile with our new whitening system, proven to be safe and effective. Procedure performed by highly trained and certified therapists to achieve a quick and affordable treatment with instantly visible results.


Is the perfect treatment to whiten and brighten your smile. This treatment lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin of the teeth.

The LED teeth whitening treatment procedure begins with a clean of your teeth, followed by an application of a special gel, hydrogen peroxide based.


A mouthpiece is inserted and the gel is applied onto the surface of the teeth. This whitening gel will provide better results than the teeth bleaching products available over-the-counter, as it contains a stronger bleaching agent activated by an LED light. After the whitening gel has been applied, The cool light system is then placed in front of the teeth and left on for up to 50 minutes to maximise whitening results.


Unfortunately there is some clients unable to have our professional teeth whitening system 

Pregnant or Breastfeeding 

Under the age of 16

Wear Braces or have had them removed in the last 3 months 

Have decaying teeth, exposed roots, Gum disease or infections under your teeth  

Crowns or implants 

Allergies to peroxides 


If you are still unsure contact one of our therapists to find out if you are suitable.