Meet the Team




I’ve been working in the beauty industry ever since I left school, first studied my diploma of Beauty Therapy then landed my first job at a salon where the girls there made me fall in love with the industry, after that I jumped between jobs down in Melbourne trying to find my feet, mainly working in big laser clinics. 


Finally finding the job at Waxx Bar I moved back home and worked there for a couple years, until one day the opportunity come to me to purchase the business. 


So here I am, still learning, still growing running a business that I have created my own, with the help of my amazing team, partner and family. I couldn’t be happier! 


I love all treatments if I’m being completely honest, the interaction with the amazing clients/therapists you meet is one of my favourite things about the industry! 

Also I love being up in the skin rooms making my clients feel amazing. 


My favourite products would have to be, Acu masque by dmk and Beauty oil by Lira. If you have ever used either you’ll know why


My fun fact would be I own a big Groodle puppy named Ferg and he definitely rules the house. But I guess If you know me you’d already know that 

I also come from a family of 7 children, where I sit right in the middle. (Middle child syndrome is a thing)


I have two children Bonte and Marli, my fiancé Brad who has stuck around for 10 years and a naughty golden retriever Goldie! 


I’ve always had a passion for beauty and loved painting faces. I found myself invested more into skin, with that I completed my diploma the year I turned 30. I’ve been loving it since. I spent a few years receiving the treatments before being on the other side so I have also had my own amazing transformations. 


I would have to say my favourite treatment would be DMK enzymes and how the products and the treatments are created to assist the skin to function how it should be, is pretty amazing. 


Fun fact/s about me; they wrote a song about me Jac Jac Jacqui

I hate leftovers I struggle to say no! And if I’ve ever treated you, you’ll notice I don’t shut up.


My favourite product 

DMK: betagel & EFA 

Lira: Retinol Creme




I Originally trained in the UK too many years ago to count, I was lucky enough to have a career as a spa manager and then a spa training manager for a skincare brand before moving over here. Once here I joined a skin clinic that had DMK - totally fell in love with the results that I achieved for clients and personally. 

My passion is to help enable, inspire and educate people to become the best version of themselves, to create a lasting and positive impact on how people think and feel. 

I have been at Skin and Beauty Bar previously Waxx bar for over 2 years now. 

I live in the Dandenong ranges with my amazing partner Bill and beautiful 1 year old daughter Halle. 


A fun fact is I can shake my eyes, yes strange

Another fun fact I worked as a Personal trainer and sports massage therapist prior to the beauty industry. 


My ride of die product is so tricky but it’s got to be Seba e by DMK - I love oil on my skin.


I began my introduction to the beauty industry whilst I was completing my VCE beginning with my Certificate 2 in Retail Makeup and Skincare. After that I completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and completed three international certificates. I left my hometown and started my journey working on a cruise ship travelling the world whilst working in the industry I love. Here I finally found my love for skin. This was the confidence boost I needed for my career and I learnt so much in my time onboard, it was time for me to come home, I found myself with the incredible opportunity of working for Jess who I’d worked alongside all those years ago and made my way home. And here I am, back doing what I love each and everyday whilst studying an Associates Degree in Dermal Science before I move on to my Bachelor of Dermal Science. 


I love absolutely all treatments! We are given the opportunity to make someone feel more comfortable, confident and happy in their own skin each and every day. 


Fun fact about me - I’m a sucker for a dress up party, but you’ll find me over dressed at 90% of occasions. I also like to bake - pretty much anything sweet. My ultimate ride or die product would definitely be beta gel or herbal pigment oil. Too hard to choose just one, don’t think I could live without either!




I am an only child and have a fur baby called Nigel who is an Aussie Bulldog 🐶 


I originally use to be a client at Skin and Beauty Bar and decided to head down the pathway of beauty and skin after having a facial treatment done by Jess. Prior to this treatment, I had just returned home from an overseas trip where I had neglected my skin and was beyond embarrassed about it. After that treatment, physically and mentally, I left Skin and Beauty Bar in a much better head space. I found my passion in life that particular day - skin! So I ditched my job in the medical industry, completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and couldn’t be happier. 


My favourite treatment would have to be a lash lift. Nice and natural look, yet makes a statement. 


Fun fact - I’m left handed and it’s a curse!


My ride or die products would have to be Lira Hydrating Mineral Mask and SPF Solar Shield 30 Hydrating.