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Multi-patented NanoFusion technology is a unique skin treatment modality delivering astonishing results through its novel skin penetrating and skin massage capabilities. 


NanoFusion creates nano-scale channels in the skin for 10-20 minutes - allowing increased skin penetration and improved absorption rate of active ingredients as well as delivers them to the right location within the skin, maximizing and optimizing their efficacies.

Combined with the proprietary massage and vibration properties, NanoFusion amplifies skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis and skin healing. See your skin professional to book your treatment.

Nano Fusion Treatment can bring tremendous effects to your skin. This treatment is best to:

Decrease fine lines and wrinkles

Smooth the skin’s texture

Treat and diminish acne

Improve the skin’s luminosity 

Lighten pigmentation and sunspots

Decrease redness and flushing


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