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Working to revise the disharmony causing skin conditions DMK’s skin care system is based on the principle that cells of the skin respond positively to the chemistry they recognise. Devised around DMK’s revolutionary concept REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, and MAINTAIN, it works with the structure and function of the skin to generate long lasting results.


Imagine looking down through the top of the skin, think of the inside of the skin like a factory, the product that factory produces is the skin you see on the surface. DMKs signature Enzyme Therapy treatments works to revise the skin to be functioning like a young healthy skin would.


Over 40 years has been spent perfecting DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy treatments, utilising the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. It encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and the lymphatic drainage system while simultaneously, through reverse osmosis, helping to flush away toxins and free radicals as well as stimulating collagen production. Formulated to be the basis of all DMK Skin Revision treatments to enhance optimal skin function, Enzyme Therapy works to create long-lasting results.

Experience the difference. 

LEVEL 1 $180

The enzyme masques contain a blend of transfer messenger enzymes, specialised ingredients that help increase circulation, lymphatic drainage, increase free water levels in the skin and enhance collagen production and improve skin functioning.

LEVEL 2 $200


The signature DMK treatment includes Pre-Exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy & Transdermal Infusion.

LEVEL 3 $220

The signature DMK treatment includes Double Exfoliations, Enzyme Therapy & Transdermal.



Muscle Banding is a preventative treatment that addresses symptoms of ageing. The DMK Muscle Banding Program works to lift and tighten the skin to restore optimal skin function, which is the key to firm, healthy skin.

Double pre-exfoliation $250


Alkaline Therapy is a unique formula that takes the pH of the skin to the opposite end of the pH Scale. The alkaline solution has the ability to turn the pH of the skin from 5.6 to a pH of 12 in under three minutes. This action completely softens or desquamates the skin cells. This dissolving action works on acne, scar tissue and fine facial hair. Alkaline swells, softens and dissolves the dead skin whereas an acid hardens it, causing skin cells to drop off.

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